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Should You Use a WordPress Maintenance Service?

Ongoing maintenance is the key to long-term success, but as a busy website owner, it’s easy to overlook these day-to-day tasks. In this article, we discuss whether a WordPress maintenance service might be the answer.

Running a successful WordPress website requires a lot of ongoing maintenance. Common maintenance tasks include everything from creating regular backups to scanning your code for malware and ensuring all your themes and plugins are up to date.

You can perform these tasks yourself manually, or invest in the help of a maintenance service provider.

Regardless of your approach, WordPress maintenance is essential for keeping your site running smoothly. Taking care of these responsibilities can boost your site’s speed and security. It also ensures that your website provides a positive User Experience (UX), which will help drive conversions.

Search engines favor sites that are quick to load and easy to use. This means that a high-performing, secure, and well-maintained website should have a positive effect on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), too.

Why You Should Use a WordPress Maintenance Service (3 Key Reasons)

Keeping your site well maintained is essential for long-term success, but it can also feel like a huge task, especially when you’re also running a business and trying to refine your brand. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider partnering with a WordPress maintenance service provider.

  1. It Will Give You More Time to Focus on Growing Your Website.

    Individual maintenance tasks may not seem particularly time-consuming or complex. However, when you have to tackle all the responsibilities that come with running a website, your to-do list can quickly start to eat up your time. You may end up spending more hours maintaining your website than actually improving it. It is possible to automate some of these essential tasks. For example, you can enable auto-updates for themes and plugins, or use tools to monitor your site for downtime.

    However, even with automation in place, there are still some issues that will require manual intervention. For example, security plugins can identify malicious code, but you’ll still have to remove it from your files.

    A WordPress maintenance service can handle all of this busywork. This leaves you with more time to focus on what really matters – growing your business. Every website owner can benefit from having more free time. However, WordPress maintenance services can be particularly useful for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs, as they typically have limited resources and long to-do lists.

  2. Professional Assistance Can Help You Provide a Five-Star User Experience.

    The quality of your visitor experience can make or break your website. A poorly maintained site with broken links, warnings, and other common errors will struggle to engage visitors.

    For e-commerce websites, the quality of the visitor experience can have a significant impact on your revenue. Studies suggest that 79 percent of customers who are unhappy with a site’s performance are less likely to make a purchase on it.

    However, monitoring the quality of your site’s visitor experience can be time-consuming. For busy website owners, there’s always the temptation to take a fire-fighting approach to this aspect and only address issues after they’re brought to your attention, typically in the form of customer complaints.By that point, poor UX has likely already cost you sales. A WordPress maintenance service can continuously monitor your site’s performance. This enables you to identify and resolve issues before your customers start to complain about them.Your service provider can also actively look for opportunities to improve your site’s customer experience. This can help drive conversions, and may even boost your SEO by improving key metrics such as time spent on your website.

  3. You’ll Always Be Prepared for an Emergency.

    A well-maintained WordPress website is less likely to encounter emergency situations. For example, by keeping your plugins up to date, a maintenance service provider can make your site less vulnerable to hackers.

    However, emergencies and unpleasant surprises are a fact of running any successful website. Despite your best efforts, your website may still go offline unexpectedly, or the latest release of WordPress could conflict with a business-critical plugin.

    When a crisis strikes, a maintenance service provider can help you resolve it as quickly as possible. This can minimize the damage to your reputation, customers, website, and revenue. By partnering with a service provider now, you can ensure you have the support and resources in place to manage emergency situations.

    Navigating a crisis quickly and efficiently is important for any website. However, it’s vital for business-critical sites, service providers, and e-commerce sites, where any downtime or serious errors might result in loss of sales and revenue.


As a website owner, performing day-to-day busywork and maintenance tasks may not be the best use of your time. However, ongoing maintenance is crucial for ensuring your site continues to run smoothly and provides the best possible experience for your visitors.

In this post, we’ve discussed three top reasons why you might want to partner with a WordPress maintenance service:

  1. It will give you more time to focus on growing your website.
  2. Professional assistance can help you provide a five-star user experience.
  3. You’ll always be prepared for an emergency.

Atech Consulting offers Website and WordPress Maintenance as a service. We are able to offer 24/7 support, an average of 2 hours resolution time for every request (depending on the task), and much more. Get in touch with us for more info.

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